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Membership costs £4 per year.  The year runs from the AGM, which is normally the fourth Wednesday in March.  Membership is thus payable the fifth Wednesday in March if there is one, otherwise the second Wednesday in April.  If you join near the end of the year, you will be charged £2 for that first year.  Membership is open to anyone and is optional.  Members save £1 each Wednesday evening, and also some Saturdays; so, if you come regularly to most events, you will save around £20 each year.  You will also get priority for Playford Ball tickets.

Wednesday evenings

New charges from April 2018

If you are new to dancing, then your first Wednesday evening is free!

Thereafter there is a charge of £2 for members and £3 for non-members and visitors.

So, if you are new and join on your second visit, you will pay nothing the first evening, £6 (ie £4 + £2) the second evening and £2 thereafter.

Tea/coffee during the break is included.

Saturday evenings

Dances on Saturday evenings are individually priced, and are usually around £8 - £10.

Details of prices and booking (where relevant) for each Saturday dance are given on the Calendar page.

Light refreshments (tea/coffee and cake) are included in the price.

Playford Ball

The Playford Ball will cost £20 (members £18) in 2018.

This includes refreshments.

Advance booking is essential.  See the Playford Ball page for details.